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Companion diagnostics

A companion diagnostic is an in vitro diagnostic test that is performed as a companion to a therapeutic drug to determine its applicability to patients.

Multi-omics biomarker assays

Companion diagnostics are becoming increasingly important together with the growth of targeted and precision therapies. As biomarkers become more numerous and better understood, they take key roles in directing the appropriate therapeutic treatment. The goal of both FDA and EMA is to approve therapeutic products and companion diagnostics together. Therefore, it is important to identify and to demonstrate the necessary characteristics of the companying test during therapeutic development. has a high expertise in multi-omic biomarker development and related data science. We are housing state of the art multi-omics platforms in our laboratories enabling us to nurture your biomarkers from the biological sample to a market proof and competitive assay. On top, big data analysis of the relevant data groups of responders & non-responders, of healthy and diseases cohorts, are also in the core of our strengths.

A full companion diagnostic integrated solution:

Our full companion diagnostic integrated solution is sample type and disorder agnostic. We like to support you in domains of oncology, neurology and infectious disease.

With our experts in house, we put together an efficient companion diagnostic development program with focus on your success:
  • Biomarker discovery, selection and validation
  • Biomarker competitive strategy
  • Assay prototype building
  • Assay validation

Epigenetic assays

A large number of published papers is clearly showing that disease-related methylation changes have a huge potential as biomarkers at each stage of the clinical disease management. From early screening and diagnosis, to risk assessment in prognosis and treatment, as well as monitoring chronic diseases, epigenetic biomarkers have an important capability to contribute to personalized patient care at all levels. Therefore, disease related methylation changes are an attractive source of the biomarkers in the context of precision medicine, which is often overlooked today.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Wim Van Criekinge

Scientific advisor

Prof. Wim Van Criekinge, together with Jan, is a co-founder of the Novalis Biotech Incubation. He is a tenured professor at the University of Gent with an interest in the use of machine learning in computational biology and bioinformatics.

Manon van Engeland

Scientific advisor

Prof. Manon van Engeland is currently attached to the Cancer Pathobiology Group of the Maastricht University. She is also member of the Early Cancer Detection Europe working group. She has been involved in the discovery of several epigenetic biomarkers for CRC, BRCA, melanoma and renal CA.

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