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OHMX_High-throughput OMICS solutions

10x Genomics

10X Genomics

Discover the power of the 10X Genomics Chromium System, revolutionizing single-cell analysis with its innovative reagent delivery method. This system enables thousands of micro-reactions in parallel. Gel Beads, infused with barcoded oligonucleotides, mingle with tens of thousands individual cells. These Gel Beads and samples join an oil-surfactant solution, forming Gel Beads in EMulsion (GEMs). Within these individual reaction vesicles, each GEM is tagged with a cell-specific barcode. Barcoded products are then pooled for downstream reactions and library preparation. After sequencing is performed, bioinformatics tools are utilized to group transcripts reads originating from the same cell, allowing for further transcriptome analysis of each individual cell.

10X Genomics advantages

High-throughput sequencing enables profiling for up to a million cells in a single experiment

Gene expression profiles at single-cell level

Next to gene expression, cell surface proteins and immune repertoires can also be profiled

Compatible with both long- and short read applications


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