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Parse Biosciences

Parse Biosciences single cell sequencing

Parse Biosciences offers a novel approach to single cell sequencing with their Evercode™ split-pool combitorial barcoding technology. Which labels molecules with cell-specific combinations of barcodes.
The cells are first fixed and permeabilized after which they can be stored for 6 months. This turns the cells into their own reaction vessel, removing the need to capture cells in droplets or microwells. The individual cells are then labeled through the split-pool barcoding process allowing for up to one million cells, collected on different days, to receive an unique barcode and to be processed in parallel.

Parsebiosciences single cell sequencing advantages

No need to generate droplets of individual cells which could result in a high number of multiplets

After fixation samples can be stored for up to 6 months, which removes batch effects by running samples collected on different days together in timecourse studies

Compatible with both short- and long read applications


Process up to 96 samples or one million cells in one experiment.

Fix cells or nuclei to lock in the biology until your experiment is ready. In timecourse studies, avoid uncertainty and remove batch effects by running samples collected on different days together. Samples can be stored up to 6 months.


Cells are distributed into wells and receive a sample specific barcode through an in cell reverse transcription reaction. Cells from each well are then pooled together. This is repeated two more times, after which the pooled cells are divided into sublibraries  where lysis is performed and a fourth sublibrary specific barcode is attached.


In the library preparation, adapters are attached to prepare for sequencing on next- or third-gen sequening technologies (e.g. Illumina, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Element Biosciences)


Data analysis consists of Quality Control, generating a gene-cell count matrix and downstream analysis using tools such as Seurat or Scanpy

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