Ribo-seq bioinformatics

Ribo-seq bioinformatics
A standard bioinformatics package includes:
  • A full QC report on the raw Ribo-seq read data.
  • Preprocessing and cleaning of the Ribo–seq data.
  • Alignment to the reference genome (e.g. UCSC or IGV).
  • RPF (Ribosome protected fragments) offset calculation.
  • A full QC report on the aligned RPFs.
  • Counts at base resolution.
  • Summarized gene-level or transcript-level information in tabular format.
An advanced bioinformatics package includes*:
  • Standard bioinformatics package.
  • Translation Efficiency (if matching RNA-seq is available).
  • Differential analysis between the different groups + pathway enrichment analysis.
  • ORF (Open reading frame) delineation, start codon analysis.
  • Custom translation product database creation (for follow up MS-based proteomics).
  • Visual representation and reporting on the data analysis.

*Specific other analyses are possible per request.

RIBO-seq bioinformatics service

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