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Full length characterisation using Oxford Nanopore Technology sequencing provides accurate quantification without fragmentation or amplification which removes all sources of bias
Slide Learn more ohmx Slider images final.005 Ribosomal profiling (RIBO-Seq)
A novel technology for understanding functional importance

Translatomics or ribosome profiling (RIBO-seq) is the genome-wide measurement of ribosome footprints addressing important questions about gene translation
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We are now an official partner of Oxford Nanopore technologies, providing a range of ONT sequencing platforms
High-throughput OMICS solutions

Slide Innovative OMICS solutions Your partner for We provide a complete platform to accelerate customers' research through cutting-edge technology in different –omics fields. We are highly specialized in ribosome profiling and all Oxford Nanopore Technologies applications. Learn more OHMX_High-throughput OMICS solutions


Slide Translational analysis

Translational analysis

Ribosome profiling (also called RIBO-seq), uses specialized messenger RNA (mRNA) sequencing to determine which mRNAs are being actively translated. It produces a “global snapshot” of the translatome. Learn more
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Clinical diagnostics

In vitro diagnostics are tests done on human blood or tissue samples to detect diseases or other medical conditions. Diagnostic results from such tests can be used to monitor a person's overall health to help cure, treat, or prevent diseases. Learn more
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Epigenetic analysis

Epigenetics is the study of heritable phenotypic changes that do not involve alteration of DNA. High-resolution analysis techniques boost the field, where many human diseases are now known to have an epigenetic component. Learn more
Slide Microbiome_analysis

Microbiome analysis

Long nanopore sequencing reads deliver enhanced genome assemblies, accurate identification of closely related species, and unambiguous analysis of full-length RNA transcripts from mixed microbial samples. Learn more


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Translatomics or ribosome profiling (RIBO-seq) is the genome-wide measurement of the mRNA protected by translating ribosomes. We can provide you with a genome-wide snapshot of mRNA that is being translated. Learn more
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Transcriptomics is the study of the complete set of RNA transcripts that are produced by cells under specific conditions. Total RNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), non-coding RNA can be sequenced and quantified. Learn more
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Proteomics is the study for proteins. We process peptide and protein samples that are analyzed by state-of-the-art mass spectrometers. Peptides/proteins and their modifications can be determined and quantified. Learn more
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Genomics is the study of the full genomic material of a cell, tissue or organism. Full genomes or targeted regions thereof can be measured using state-of-the-art next and third generation sequencing instruments. Learn more
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Epigenomics is the study of the complete set of epigenetic modifications on the genetic material of a cell. We use third generation sequencing to directly measure DNA and RNA together with its modifications. Learn more
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Standard and custom bioinformatics routines can be offered to analyse your high-throughput omics data. We start with raw data and work towards high-end representations of the results based on customers’ needs. Learn more

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