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RNA sequencing

Directional RNA sequencing

We offer directional RNA sequencing of total RNA, mRNA, and miRNA (small RNA). RNA sequencing not only provides comprehensive knowledge about all transcripts present in the sample, but also quantifies the abundance of each transcript. With directional RNA sequencing, information is retained concerning the strand (sense vs anti-sense) the RNA originated from. The choice for mRNA, miRNA or total RNA sequencing depends on your setting and question you want to answer.

Directional RNA-seq advantages

Full transcriptome from every species

Differential gene/transcript expression analysis

Directionality of the RNA is retained (sense vs antisense strand)

Directional RNA-seq workflow

You provide us with extracted total RNA samples. After an initial quality check of the RNA where we determine the concentration and integrity of the RNA, sequencable libraries from the samples are constructed. We only continue with samples that passed this initial quality check. If for some reason certain samples did not pass this initial check, we will contact you to discuss on how to proceed.

Depending on the kind of RNA-seq a size-selection step is performed. Also, the library preparation may vary depending on the kind of RNA-seq. The prepared libraries undergo a final quality check before being loaded for sequencing on one of our Illumina sequencers. The technical quality of the sequencing run is monitored in real time.

Raw sequencing data can be transferred to you via the server (FTP download) or the Illumina BaseSpace platform.

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