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Innovation For Health 2021: April 16-17, Rotterdam, (The Netherlands)

Innovation For Health 2021: April 16-17, Rotterdam, (The Netherlands) will be attending Innovation for Health in 2021

Innovation for Health is the leading conference for key players in Health & Life Sciences. It provides a unique opportunity to meet leading innovators, to catch up on the latest trends, to present cutting-edge innovations, and to engage leaders and decision-makers in Life Sciences & Health. The conference brings top-notch speakers to the stage, displays high impact innovations, highlights best practices, and demonstrates inspiring developments in healthcare. This is the meeting place where more than 900 bright minds from across Life Sciences and Health will be united on the same day, where stakeholders in health and care, from bench to bedside, from start-up to multinational, with ideas and with funding, come together to strengthen existing contacts, to expand their networks, to establish collaborations, to jointly shape the future of healthcare. The eighth edition has a special focus on immunity.