Webinar – QC Biologics Solutions using Long-Read Sequencing

Webinar - QC Biologics Solutions using Long-Read Sequencing_OHMX.bio_Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Webinar – QC Biologics Solutions using Long-Read Sequencing

Our webinar has come to an end, but fear not the full recording is available below!

The  webinar featured speakers, each recognized for their expertise within their respective fields:

  • Dr. Glen Monroe, Oxford Nanopore:
    Dr. Monroe, representing Oxford Nanopore Technologies, delivered an informative presentation on the recent advancements in long-read sequencing technology. His exposition elucidated the potential implications of this technological innovation in biologics research and development.
  • Prof. Gerben Menschaert & Dr. Steven Verbruggen, OHMX.bio:
    Prof. Menschaert and Dr. Verbruggen, provided insightful perspectives on biologics quality testing. Their presentations addressed the complexities associated with ensuring the quality and safety of biopharmaceutical products, offering pragmatic solutions to industry challenges.

Throughout the webinar, participants were engaged in a systematic examination of various topics:

  • Recent Advancements in Long-Read Sequencing
    Dr. Monroe delineated the latest advancements in long-read sequencing technology, emphasizing its potential impact on advancing biologics research and development endeavors.
  • Solutions for Biologics Quality Testing
    Prof. Menschaert and Dr. Verbruggen delved into the nuances of quality control in biologics, presenting methodical approaches to maintaining rigorous quality standards throughout the production and distribution processes of biopharmaceuticals.
  • Bioinformatics Solutions for QC Biologics:
    The webinar explored the role of bioinformatics in biologics quality control, underscoring the significance of data analysis and interpretation in ensuring the efficacy and safety of biologic therapeutics.

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