Our website has been updated!


Our website has been updated!

Our updated site better reflects our areas of expertise. We provide innovative OMICS solutions in the following application fields: clinical diagnostics, translational analysis, epigenetic analysis and microbiome analysis.

We’re proud to say that we are certified service provider of the Nanopore sequencing technology.

We have strong expertise in the following application fields:

Clinical diagnostics: We provide solutions for the diagnostics field based on second and especially third generation sequencing technologies, where the long-read technologies clearly have an edge over older technologies in typing certain genetic regions.

Translational analysis: Our translatomics measurements based on the RIBO-seq protocol provides a snapshot of what is being translated. This sequencing-based protein synthesis measurement allows for the detection of novel protein products and even allows for the detection of changes at the ‘protein’ level after specific treatment, Crispr gene editing, or RNA editing. Also, in the immune therapy world, many interesting applications are at hand.

Epigenetic analysis: High-resolution techniques as the nanopore sequencing boost this field, where many human diseases are now known to have an epigenetic component. The direct DNA/RNA measurement allow for combined nucleotide sequence and modifications.

Microbiome analysis: We offer a range of solutions in the microbiomics field. Metagenomics analyses are aided by the long-read sequencing methods, delivering enhanced genome assemblies and characterization. Full length RNA (meta)transcriptomics is also enabled. Next to these meta-analyses, focussed strain culture characterization or contaminant detection is also available.

Explore our website to find more detailed information about our applications fields, services, technologies, and to get to know our team!